Affiliation, Accreditation & Authorization by 600+ Universities and Medical Schools in China’s Top ranked Government Universities under the Chinese Ministry of Education “CUSTP-Crown & China Universities Scholarship Transfer Programme, an Academic Credit Transfer Articulation Alliance System

-China Universities give priority to students our students and applications processed through CROWN UNIVERSITY and assures the fastest SCHOLARSHIP ADMISSIONS to CROWN students.

-More than 30,000 courses available from Business, Economics, Law, Medicine, Aviation, Dentistry, Management, IT, Oil and Gas and many more. And we officially update update many more top ranked universities around the world. Speak to Crown Scholarship Advisor/Consultant today and we guarantee you scholarship now!

Earn a CROWN Scholarship for an Accredited & Recognized University Degree!

Crown & China Universities Scholarship Transfer programme (CUSTP) Academic Credit Transfer Articulation Alliances System

Earn a CROWN Scholarship for an Accredited & Recognized University Degree for your

Short Courses, Bachelor Degrees, Master Degrees, Doctorate/PhD degrees with:

  • Full Scholarship
  • Partial A
  • Partial B
  • Self-finance

and accommodation fee waiver under Academic Credit Transfer Scholarships Articulation Agreement (ACTSAA) through the following pathways:

Bachelors Pathway 1

Students who enroll with West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), Baccalaureat, Ordinary & Advanced (O & A) levels into a Bachelor Degree will (study 3 years at CROWN and transfer to overseas universities to complete the remaining 1 year for BSc. BBA, BA, B.Tech degrees i.e 3+1 system)

Bachelors Pathway 2

Students enroll with WASSCE, Baccalaureat, O and A levels will (study for 4 years at CROWN and transfer to overseas universities to complete their theses and graduate i.e 4+0 system)

Bachelors Pathway 3

Students enroll with WASSCE, Baccalaureat, O and A level will (transfer to overseas universities for all the 4 years of study i.e 0+4 system)

Masters pathway 1

Students enroll with bachelor degrees will (study 2 years at CROWN and transfer to overseas universities i.e 2+0 or 1 year at Crown and transfer to overseas universities 1+1 or all the 2 years at overseas universities 0+2.

Doctorate/PhD pathway 1

Students enroll with masters degrees will (study 3 years at CROWN and transfer to overseas universities 3+0 or 2 years at CROWN and transfer to overseas universities for the remaining 1 year 2+1.


Student exchange offers broad based benefits and outcomes for students keen to embark on this international adventure

Educational Benefits

It gives students International learning and knowledge towards acceptance and understanding of an array of different cultural and community perspectives. This enhances the value of a student academic degree.
It enables language acquisition through practical immersion.
It creates awareness and adoption of alternative, multi-faceted approaches to learning.
It provides analytical and problem solving skills among students and faculty.
It enhances interest of lecturers and students in global issues as well as a broader general knowledge.

Personal Benefits

Self-development and awareness leading to enhanced self-confidence and self-esteem. This is often the most noticeable change in returned exchange students.
Maturity and social poise, fuelled by the necessity to confront challenges outside a familiar support network and comfort zone and be an ambassador for both universities.
Integration into another family as well as the development of life-long friendships, fostering an appreciation of home and family built up in both African and Asian context.
A tremendous sense of accomplishment upon completion encourages students to develop independent opinions, make informed decisions and strive to attain fresh goals.

Long-Term Benefits

Students who go on to tertiary studies find themselves more comfortable in ‘foreign’ environments.
Prospective employers in almost every field look favourably upon experience gained while living overseas and knowledge obtained of another language and culture.
Increased pressure to communicate and relate to others develops an awareness of group dynamics and personal sensitivity towards others.
Successful program completion represents an excellent measure of personal flexibility, encompassing an ability to reach compromise, focus and succeed through challenging times. Opportunities for faculty/students to work with researchers in their fields so as to build ties with leading universities.

Employment benefits

Enhance employment prospects with International experience
Adapting to a different cultural environment will show to employers that you are flexible, adventurous and a self-starter.
Gain invaluable experience for future employment through vacation internships in your area of study offered by some universities.
Develop skills to deal with change
Global awareness (cross-cultural skills and communication)
Global networking opportunities


Crown & China Universities Scholarship Transfer Programme – A Global Exchange Program

Crown China Universities Scholarship Transfer Programme (CUSTP) as an establish academic credit transfer and exchange relations (Bachelor-3+1 system, Masters – 2+0 System, Doctorate/PhD – 2+1 System degrees within Crown University campuses in Africa. This collaboration comes as an opportunity for both local and international students who are yearning to earn globally accredited/recognised qualifications from top Chinese Universities, as some brilliant African students who might qualify for the scholarships but due to current economic conditions unable to travel abroad or the risk of public servants unable to vacate their services to travel abroad. Our China Universities Scholarship Transfer Programme is a gateway of exporting Chinese higher education and culture overseas. It would also have a multiplier effect in strengthening cultural socio-economic and technical ties between China and Africa through education.

With our CUSTP, an increasing number of students would now be looking inwards when considering their tertiary education options. This partnership with China directly ensures that students will gain all the advantages of an international qualification and provides them an edge in their future careers in mix environment between Africa and China and to boost students’ international exposure and problem solving skills from diverse perspective.”

Crown Experience through CUSTP

This initiative would help students cope with tertiary education. They will receive free academic development skill sessions such as academic writings from cross-cultural barriers, mind mapping, note taking, preparing for examinations, library research and the application of information technology skills.

China University Programme

This initiative would help students cope with tertiary education. They will receive free academic development skill sessions such as academic writings from cross-cultural barriers, mind mapping, note taking, preparing for examinations, library research and the application of information technology skills.


We offer the most established credit transfer and articulation agreements with Chinese universities at Crown University in Africa through our China Universities Scholarship Transfer Programme  (CUSTP). Our programme is accredited by NAB-COTVET, Council for Technical & Vocational Education and Training, Ministry of Education-Ghana. Other benefits of our China University Programme include:

Thorough preparation and personal guidance

our university Programmes has trained advisors to provide help and advice on university selection, living costs, financial aid, travel tips, social activities and culture. Shared University Placement Library’s vast collection of resources would be extremely useful to our students.

The most established program in Africa

Crown’s programme of credit transfer and articulation agreements with top-notched universities is registered with the Accreditation bodies. Our Centre for China Education (CCE) consistently works towards developing the best possible options in scholarships, universities and degree majors. We are also the only institution in Arica to have introduced this concept.

Choice of over 600 Chinese universities

Our extensive list of famous China universities offers many options in terms of degree majors which would directly influence enrollment and create a competitive choice for taste. The China degree generally takes 4 years to complete. You have the option of transferring to a Chinese university during year 2 or 3, or complete your full 4-year China business degree at Crown University with a top Chinese University.

Degrees awarded by prestigious Universities under our China Universities Scholarship Transfer Programme (CUSTP)

The credit transfer and articulation agreements with universities would help create a hybrid system of education. And credits earned for any programme at Crown is transferable to a chosen University that then awards the degree

Scholarships for Crown students
Scholarships is awarded by partner universities exclusively for CROWN students, under the credit transfer and articulation agreements.


Freshman (Year 1) at CROWN

Our students will be able to choose from a wide range of subjects in Business, Foreign Languages, Law, Engineering, English, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Humanities, Physical and Life Sciences as General Education Requirement (GER) subjects to create a combined major, combined honors, combined subjects with minors.

(Year 2) at CROWN

Students will be able to choose subjects that are related to their desired major.


Junior (Year 3)

Students would need to complete the compulsory subjects for their degree major.

Senior (Year 4)

Students will get to pick subjects to specialize in their degree.

CUSTP Programme Structure

Bachelor-3+1 system, Masters – 2+0 System, Doctorate/PhD – 2+1 System degrees follows this structure


Why study with Crown University?

Why Crown?


Our International Exposure

Crown University makes the world your classroom, and widens your global perspectives.


Expand your horizon and connect on an international level through overseas study tours, Semester Abroad Programme (SAP), intercultural live video discussions, classes by guest lecturers from partner universities, and more.
Our Innovative Learning

Students at Crown gain their edge with developing speed through an industry-focused curriculum, the latest learning innovations and collaborative processes

Learn in a more engaging, efficient and motivated way through Blackboard, World of Business Ideas (WOBI™), games, wikis, podcasts and other interactive platforms. Acquire essential experience and skill-sets in a curriculum jointly developed with our Industry Advisory Board and which covers Employer Projects and structured internships.

Gain your edge through an industry-focused curriculum, the latest learning innovations and collaborative processes.

Our Individual Development

Crown brings out your full potential so that you can realise your aspirations in a world of change.


At Crown you gain a head-start in the job market with career guidance from dedicated lecturers and counsellors, mentorship and coaching by industry experts, career camps and industry workshops. Be a better communicator through our specially developed modules


  • Research with impact
  • Strong link with industry and professionals
  • Internationally connected
  • Leaders in cities and countries
  • Highlight quality teaching and research


CROWN Alliance with UK Qualification Awarding Bodies via (Westford):

  • Cambridge International Qualifications
  • EduQual
  • Pearson UK

CROWN Alliance with Professional Bodies via (Westford):

  • International Association of Accountancy Professionals
  • The Association of Accountants & Financial Professionals in Business
  • Ghana Association of Certified Consultants & Fraud Examiners
  • Institution of Engineering & Technology

Learning Management Systems for Online Corporate Training Alliances via (Westford):

  • Edexel Approved Centre
  • Willey
  • CCI
  • UCSI Blue Ocean Strategy Consulting


Our Online Learning Resources:

  • Digitally Equipped Learning Centre
  • Seminar Rooms
  • 24 X 7 Wifi Enabled
  • World Class Library-Professional & Academic Journals, Magazines, DVDs and Research Papers
  • Theater Style Seating Arrangements
  • Learning Management System-Online Study
  • Smart Classrooms
  • Refreshment and Leisure Corner


GRAB CROWN – WESTFORD ADVANTAGE (The only Partner of Cambridge Strategies in UAE, Accredited by ASIC

  • The first international university in Africa offering local, China, US, UK and EU degrees
  • Valued partner of some of the best UK, US and EU universities
  • Quality programmes taught by lecturers who are national and international experts
  • Degrees that hold the same value, acceptance and credibility as any equivalent on campus degree
  • Earn internationally recognised UK qualifications by studying online
  • Apply for a scholarship and earn an accredited degree for full scholarship, Partial A, Partial B & Self-finance
  • Study via our academic credit transfer system

January-April and May-October Every Year

Full / Partial A & B Scholarships

Number of Universities
Over 600 Famous China’s Universities / opened / now available. Below are a few of them.

Scholarship covers
100 % Tuition and accommodation fee waiver.

Medium of Instruction

Short term, Diploma, Bachelor, Masters, PhD

Business, Engineering, Arts Programs, Medical Science (Dentistry, Nursing,
MBBS, Medical Technology, Surgery etc.

Most diplomatic missions / Embassies are aware
Contacts world wide

Field Short-Term Course Bachelor Masters Doctoral/PhD
Business Programmes All fields -International Economy & Trade (English medium) -International Business (English medium) -E-Commerce (English medium) -Marketing (English medium) -Business Administration (English medium) The School of Economics & Management Bachelor’s Degree: 1. International Economics & Trade 2. Business Administration 3. Accounting 4. Marketing Master’s Degree: 1. Industrial Economics 2. Enterprise Management Note: All business programmes are covered, if you are not able to find a programme please email us via admissions@crown.edu.gh -MBA Programmes PhD Programmes
Engineering Programmes Mechanical Engineering (English medium) Industrial Engineering (English medium) Chemistry (English medium) Chemical Engineering (English medium) Biotechnology (English Medium) Material Science and Engineering (English medium) Communication Engineering (English medium) Computer Science (English medium) Software Engineering (English medium) Electronic Information Science and Technology (English medium) Civil Engineering (English medium) Automobile Service Engineering (English medium) -Engineering Management -Hydraulic and -Hydroelectric Engineering -Survey Engineering -Engineering Mechanics Civil Engineering Master Degrees: 1. Bridge and Tunnel Engineering 2. Geotechnical Engineering 3. Highway and Railway Engineering 4. Structural Engineering 5. Engineering Mechanics 6. Disaster-proof and Protective engineering 7. Hydraulic and Hydroelectric Engineering Master’s Degree: 1. Traffic Information Engineering & Control 2. Control Theory & Control Engineering 3. Measurement Technology & Automatic Equipment Doctoral / PhD Degree: 1. Bridge and Tunnel Engineering 2. Geotechnical Engineering 3. Structural Engineering 4. Disaster-proof and Protective engineering 5. Highway and Railway Engineering 2. The School of Automatization & Electric Engineering Doctoral / PhD Degree Traffic Information Engineering & Control The School of Traffic and Transportation
Bachelor’s Degree: 1. Electrical Engineering & Automation 2. Automation 3. Automation Control The School of Electronics & Information Engineering Bachelor’s Degree: 1. Communication Engineering 2. Computer Science and Technology 2. Electronically Science and Technology 4. Electronically Information Engineering Master’s Degree: 1. Communication and Information System 2. Signal and Information Processing 3. Computer Software and Theory 4. Computer System Organization 5. Computer Applied Technology 6. Circuits and System 7. Measuring and testing Technologies and Instruments The School of Mathematics, Physics & Software Engineering Bachelor’s Degree: 1. Information and Computing Science 2. Geographical Information Systems 3. Software Engineering Master’s Degree: 1. Fundamental Mathematics 2. Computational Mathematics 3. Probability & Mathematical Statistics 4. Applied Mathematics 5. Operational Research and Cybernetics 6. Cartology and Geographical Information Systems 7. Acoustics 11. The School of Architecture & Urban Planning Bachelor’s Degree: 1. Architecture 2. Urban Planning 4. Pattern Recognition & Intelligent System 5. Navigation, guidance and Control 6. Power Electronics & Transmission 7. Electrician Theory and New Technology 8. Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology 9. System Analysis and Integration The School of Traffic and Transportation Bachelor’s Degree: 1. Traffic & Transportation 2. Packaging Engineering 3. Traffic Engineering 4. Information Management and Information Systems 5. Logistics Master’s Degree: 1. Mechanical Manufacturing & Automation 2. Mechanical Engineering 3. Machine Design & Theory 4. Vehicle Engineering 5. Vehicle Operation Engineering 6. Material Science and Engineering 7. Engineering Thermal Physics 8. Thermal Energy Master’s Degree: 1. Traffic & Transportation Planning and Management 2. Security Technology and Engineering 3. Management Science and Engineering 4. System Engineering Doctoral / PhD Degree 1. Traffic & Transportation Planning and Management 8. The School of Chemical & Biological Engineering
Master’s Degree: Urban Planning & Design Engineering Doctoral / PhD Degree 1. Vehicle Operation Engineering 2. Vehicle Engineering 5. The School of Environmental & Municipal Engineering Bachelor’s Degree: 1. Environmental Engineering 2. Architectural Environmental & Equipment Engineering 3. Water Supply and Drainage Engineering 4. Environmental Science Master’s Degree: 1. Environmental Engineering 2. Municipal Engineering 3. Environmental Science 4. Hydrology and Water Resources 5. Heating & Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering 6. Ecology 7. Erosion and Desertification Controlling Doctoral / PhD Degree 1. Environmental Engineering 3. Municipal Engineering 4. Heating & Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering
Arts Programmes International law (Economic) (English medium) English Language and Literature (English medium) Social Sports (Chinese + English medium) Education: Educational Administration Home Economics Mathematics Education Physical Education Science Education The School of Foreign Languages Bachelor’s Degree: 1. English Language and Literature 2. French Language and Literature Master’s Degree: English Linguistics & Applied Linguistics The School of Art and Design Bachelor’s Degree: 1. Advertising 2. Industrial Designing 3. Art Designing 13. Social Science Department Bachelor’s Degree 1. Research on Marxism in China 2. Ideological and Political Education Master’s Degree: 1. Research on Marxism in China 2. Ideological and Political Education 14. Chinese Language Department Bachelor’s Degree: 1. Chinese Language and Literature 2. Teaching Chinese as Second Language All Arts Programmes
Medicine/Medical Science Bachelor’s Degree: 1. Applied Chemistry 2. Chemical Engineering and Technology 3. Biological Engineering Master’s Degree: 1. Chemical Technology 2. Applied Chemistry 3. Industrial Catalysis 4. Microbiology 5. Inorganic Chemistry

NB: Medical Science: (No scholarship Available except pharmacy)

Clinical Medicine (English medium)

Dentistry / Stomatology (English medium)

Pharmacy (English medium) — 50% scholarship and 100% scholarship available in 1st year
Nursing (English medium)

For Master’s & PhD Programs:

Similar to Bachelor’s, mainly divided into three fields: Business / Engineering / Medical


Earn a degree from one of the following prestigious Universities/Institutions via a CROWN Scholarship Gateway





















·Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

Apply for scholarship Now

Crown Global Alliance Universities

Crown is created with international audience in mind 
(in alliance with the GAFM http://www.gafm.com Distribution chain) – USA -India – China – Africa – Arabia – Latin Americas – UK – EU- Middle East- Asia- Brazil- Spain


CROWN Global Alliance Universities

“CROWN Global Alliance Universities” is a standardized global network of universities that opens doors to societies with a unique multicultural perspective that prepares our students for great careers and lifelong achievement. Our network builds and keeps these standards knowing that in an interconnected world of shared economies, businesses, technologies, environments, and cultures our students would have a competitive advantage whether enrolled online or in a campus-based allied university can still receive an internationally accredited university educational experience with programs designed to cross borders while meeting the needs of local communities and economies. We share in our network innovative best-practice driven curricula and degree programmes that inculcates in our graduates and faculty problem solving approach to issues geared taking human civilization into another level to meet the overwhelming demands of the working world. “CROWN Global Alliance Universities” recognizes international double accredited and dual-degree programmes (DDP) as well as study abroad programme (SAP) and student/faculty exchange initiatives (SEI) to exports higher education overseas worldwide.

  • CROWN GLOBAL ALLIANCE UNIVERSITIES provides a network of universities that opens doors to societies with a unique multicultural perspective that prepares our students for great careers and lifelong achievement)
  • In this network we design, deliver, and market customized and comprehensive online programmes across an institution.
  • We pull together strategic, operational, and academic expertise delivering programs on a global basis using Crown’s Global Alliance infrastructure
  • An existing network of sites around the world to support hybrid and on-ground programs
  • We provide opportunities for articulation agreements and dual/joint degree programs with more in many allied institutions and countries educating students around the world.
  • We develop specialized programs that bring international students to partner campuses, especially during underutilized times of the year
  • We offer study abroad and faculty exchange opportunities in desirable locations around the world
  • Led by an international team of educators and executives with broad experience in academics and business with experience from global businesses as well as Chancellors, Vice-chancellors, rectors, presidents and deans from higher education’s most respected institutions worldwide.
  • Each Crown’s Global Alliance University has its own academic advisory board, pooling the academic and professional expertise of its members to ensure career-relevant education for all students in the network.

Flagship Programmes


Choose your Flagship Programmes (GAFM, Westford, West Coast University, AIIPTR etc)

“Crown Global Alliance Universities” Flagship Programmes

  • American & Canadian Degree Transfer Programmes
  • Australian & Newzealand Dual-Degrees
  • UK Dual-Degrees & European Credit Transfer System ECTS
  • Crown University Scholarship Gateway (with 600+ CHINA Universities, 100% Free Tuition & Accommodation fee waiver, Full and Partial Scholarships available for Short Term, Bachelors, Masters & Doctoral/PhD & International Exchange Programme
  • Singaporean & Malaysian Degrees
  • Indian Degrees & Combined Honours
  • Scholarship ODL Programmes with top-ranked UK, USA, European Universities
  • Law School Programmes, and broad range of business and engineering degrees across CGAU


Identity, culture & diversity

In this network every university within the CROWN Global Alliance defines its identity, programs, and approach based on the needs of students in its own community. Each of our institutions has its own culture and institutional profile and is in line with local leadership. Relationships among all CROWN Global Alliance Universities are enriched with shared curricula and degree programs, and faculty and student exchange initiatives

Accreditation, Affiliation, Recognition & Validation

Crown University is accredited under NAB – COTVET, Act of Parliament 718 of 2006 Legislative Instrument 2195 of 2012. in line with its vision of advocating for a paradigm shift from the more theoretical learning phase to career specific. We are also recognised as a Distance Learning Institution/Centre by the Centre for National Distance Learning & Open Schooling (CENDLOS), Ministry of Education covering our overseas programmes

Crown University holds accredited education, education & diplomatic alliance, certification, executive education as well as law school programmes across the GAFM-Global Academy Distribution chain. GAFM Charters are accredited and recognised in Ghana. Crown University-GAFM ® Board is the 1st Graduate Certification Body to Become Accredited and Certified for: ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 29990 Training in the World. GAFM ® owns the former AAFM ® Certifications and Programs

GAFM ® Certifications are globally recognized and structured on accredited standards. The GAFM confers Board Certifications in Management Consulting, Financial Analysis, Financial Planning, Wealth Management, Management Accounting, Risk Management, Project Management, Trust and Estates, Taxation, Leadership, and Economics. The GAFM ® Board of Standards or Related Accreditation, Education, and Diplomatic Agreements have been recognized listed, disclosed, or in alliances with the following institutions, governmental organizations or agencies.

  • TUV ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management Program
  • ISO Accredited Training – Bildungsnorm ISO 29990 Certified for Training
  • US Dept of Labor Occupational Handbook, Registry , Websites, and brochures
  • TUV ACCREDITED – ISO 9001:2008 Certified Quality Standards
  • CHEA Council of Higher Education International Quality Group (CIQG)  Board of Standards Becomes Professional Standards Member
  • DOE – The US Department of Educational Ref. Registry
  • Member – Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs –  Certification alliance with the Accreditation Agency.
  • AACSB International Member – Articulation Recognition 2003/4
  • ICE Institute for Credentialing Excellence Professional Member
  • NOCA National Organization for Competency Assurance –  – IBS International Board of Standards is a:  Certifying Organ. Member.
  • NBEA National Business Education Association
  • AABFS Arab Academy of Banking and Financial Sciences – UN Recognized Arab League Organization.
  • ACBSP Accreditation Prof. Member Articulation Alliance
  • UN – United Nations Civil Society Registry
  • ISBE International Society Business Education
  • RSOF Royal Society of Fellows Board of Standards
  • 美国金融管理学会 China
  • BNSP National Certification Body
  • European Education Association
  • ANSI American National Standards Institute
  • United Nations Civil Society
  • Association of Certified Economists  – USA Africa and Asia
  • Wealth Management Institute – CWM Inistitute Hong Kong.
  • As Seen in the Million Dollar Round Table
  • As Seen in ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX News
  • Concordia University Worldwide
  • UAE Government Securities Regulators
  • UAE Federal Authority for Government Human Resources
  • Thomson Reuters Training Accreditation Alliance
  • European Union Transparency Registry
  • Pearson Education VUE Exam Center Global Distribution Alliance

The GAFM ® is an accredited global graduate society for management and finance with members in over 150 countries. We are TUV Accredited and ISO Certified for Quality and ISO Certified 29990 for Training. We offer career information, member discounts, certifications, credentials and fellow status. We have Top professors and executives worldwide are members of our Global Society. Our global council of advisors and professionals focus on several key areas: Executive Education, Professional Development, Certification, Quality Assurance, Research, Jobs, and Networking. The GAFM is the first to promote and cooperate with Accredited Business School programs of the ACBSP, AABFS, ACBSP, and other top governments and accreditation agencies.

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