Foundation Programmes, Combined Honours, Majors, Minors, Specialities, Professional Courses

Crown International Business School
  1. Bsc. (Hons.) in Business Management & Administration

(a)  Accounting, Pure & Applied Maths with Finance

(b)  Economics, Banking & Finance with Actuarial Science

(c)  Management, Marketing & Communication with Computing

(d)  HR, Agribusiness & Statistics with International Business


  1. MBA-Master of Business Administration

(a)  Finance & Accounting/Management

(b)   Journalism & Marketing

(c)  Human Resources Management & Development

(d)  Banking, Insurance & Risk Management

(e) Project Management & IT

(f)  Community Development & Rural Management

(g)  Health Administration & Hospital Management

(h)  Agric  Technology & Agro-Processing


3. Chartered Professional Courses

(a).  Chartered Wealth Manager-CWM

(b).  Chartered Economist-Ch.E

(c).  Accredited Management Accountant-AMA

(d).  Accredited Financial Analyst-AFA

(e)   Chartered Certified Consultant-Ch.CC

(f)   Chartered Fraud Examiner-CFE

School of Medicine
(a)          Bsc. (Hons) Nursing

(b)          BSc. (Hons) Medical Laboratory Science & Technology

       (c)      MPH-Master of Public Health

       (d)     HND-Dispensing Technology


School of Engineering & Technology
B.Tech Agric Technology & Natural Resources with options in: Post-Harvest Technology & Food Security, Agric Technology & Agribusiness, Project Management Engineering, Mass Communication & Multimedia Technology, Dev. Planning & Resilient Cities Engineering
B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering with options in: Information Technology & Computing/Programming, Software Engineering Web & Mobile Technology, Networking & Database Engineering, Security Technology & Defense Studies, Internet Science & Cyber Security
B.Tech Maintenance Management & Engineering


B.Tech Telecommunications Engineering


B.Tech Petroleum Engineering


B.Tech Pharmaceutical Technology


B.Tech Construction Technology & Built Environment


B.Tech Civil & Geomatic Engineering


B.Tech Nursing


B.Tech Environmental Engineering and Waste Management


B.Tech Railways Engineering


School of Law
(a)              LLB BA (Hons.) or LLB BBA (Hons.) (Integrated)

(b)               LL.M-Master of Laws in Criminology & Criminal Law/Justice

Centre Of Languages

English, French, Spanish, Arabic