Office of Vice Chancellor (World Distinguished Professor) Prprofessor Bashiru Aremu


About World Distinguished Professor Sir, Bashiru Aremu, the Vice Chancellor, Crown University College, Ghana, West Africa and Affiliated Campuses world wide

Crown Global Alliance Universities (CGAU)

W.D. Prof Sir Bashiru Aremu (Post-Doctoral E-Business, Grand PhD, Post Doc., D.Sc., Ph.D., B.Sc., B. Tech., IBD, FATIICS, MACM, MCSTA, MSTAN, Snr. MIACSIT, FIASR, C.itp, MCPN ,KOJ, KOGC,KOGHL FICWLS, FCIEMA, CEMA, FBCS England, Fellow, Marquis Who’s Who in the World, LFICWLS, FCIML, Fellow, Outstanding Intellectual of 21st Century, Cambridge, England ,Fellow, Europe Association for International Education (WORLD DISTINGUISHED TEACHING AND RESEARCH PROFESSOR OF COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND SUPERVISOR OF DOCTORAL CLASS) Personal Website :

World Distinguished Professor Of Computer Science And Information Technology And Supervisor Of Doctoral Class

World Distinguished Professor, Sir, Bashiru Aremu who hails from Iwo in Osun State, Nigeria, West Africa more than four decades now is a Professor of Computer Science and Information Technology and an Inquisitor of knowledge. Prof..Aremu Bashiru obtained triple Post-Doctoral Degrees Fellow from West Coast University, USA accredited by different constituted bodies in this regards  and internationally recognized by UNESCO and  confirmed by the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Federal Ministry of Education with Reference Number FME/S/174/C.3/LXXXII/161. Also from Maha Satra University of Satra Angor Institute, The kingdom of Cambodia, he became a Professor through research he conducted on General Examination of Biometric Technology Security System (Grand PhD Thesis), Mathematical Theorem and Formulae as a bedrock of Computer Science (Post-Doctoral Degree Thesis), General Examination of E-Business in the Modern World of Information Communication Technology (Post-Doctoral Degree Thesis).


As a man thirsty for knowledge, he obtained Dual Doctorate Degrees and Dual Bachelor Degrees in Computer Science and Information Technology as a transferred Student from Adam Smith University of America where he obtained both Bachelor and Doctorate Degrees in Information Technology at the highest International ranked university ConsejoNacional de Enseñanza Superior Universitaria Privada (CONESUP) of the Costa Rican Ministry of Public Education, during Session number 336-97, which convened on 5 November 1997., International Association of Universities ListingInternational Handbook of Universities (UNEM listed on page 132)UNEM Ranked 11th in Costa RicaThe e-Uniguide™ UNEM Ranked 216th in the WorldInternational Colleges & Universities 4ICU, UNESCO and confirmed by the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Federal Ministry of Education as Internationally accredited in Costa Rica with reference number FME/S/174/C.2/A/111/206/4312   (UNIVERSIDAD EMPRESARIAL DE COSTA RICA “Business University of Costa Rica “) in Central America through the Grant that was sponsored by International Academy for Science and Research, England and Wales to release his Outstanding Transferred Results of Both his Bachelor and Doctoral Degree from UNIVERSIDAD EMPRESARIAL DE COSTA RICA in Central America as Top-Up Degrees.

He has been Supervising and Co-Supervising both Undergraduates and Postgraduates Thesis up to The Post-Doctoral Degree level. He has an extensive academic, research, administrative and publication experiences in Africa, America, Europe and Asia.

He is an Author and Editor of text books and journals. He had an opportunity to be a team member of Authors for research carried out in articles of referred journals World-Wide led by prominent scholars of repute. He had attended several conferences, summits, forums and seminars.

His latest published research work is General Examination of Biometric Technology Security System which he wrote as the Highest-Doctoral Degree Thesis for his uncommon “Grand Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Information Technology” sponsored by the International Academy for Science and Research in England and Wales.

He received the Honour “The Most Influential Contemporary African Diaspora Leader” which was included in the latest edition of the book. Inclusion in this book is a prestigious honour for the African Diaspora leaders who has accomplished outstanding task and demonstrated excellent professionalism and character while performing duties related to Africa and the African Diaspora.

The Chivalric Sovereign Order of the Knights of Justice London, United Kingdom has recently approved his nomination as member Chivalric Sovereign Order of the Knights of Justice by approval of its Grand Chancellor which entitled him to bear ‘Sir’.

Recently, He was awarded Knight Order of Grand Crescent (KOGC) as a sign of Devoted Muslim (Highest Grade) and Knight Order of Grand Heavenly Light (KOGHL) (Highest Grade) as a sign of Devoted Prayerful Muslim to bear Sir by the International Grand Council of the Chartered World Order of Knight of Justice of Peace situated in America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

He has received medals, international certificates and was published in Grand 8Th Edition as an Outstanding Intellectual of 21st Century by International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England, and was listed as one of the Leading Professionals of the world, listed as a member of 100 Top Educators of the World, nominated for International Order of Merit and Da Vinci Laureate by the International Biographical Centre at Cambridge, England. He is a regular and registered Member of the World Universities Forum and Knowledge Community with Registration Number U140142. Now currently listed in the who is who in Nigeria.

He received a Letter from IBC Cambridge, England on “IBC‘s Salute to Greatness Award” for his internationally recognized greatness and to thank him for making the world in which we live a better place as well as in Sastra Angkor Institute in Maha Sastra University, Kingdom of Cambodia in Asia where he was appointed Visiting Distinguished Professor of Computer Science and Information Technology. He was cited in the who’s who in the World, publication by famous Marquis’s Who’s who America’s Biographer since 1899 Click here to view. His biography was included in Thirty-Eight Edition of Dictionary of International Biography by IBC, Cambridge England and recently appointed by International Chartered World Learned Society an Official Partner of the United Nations Global Compact as a World Grand President by the World Grand Board of Directors where he utilized that opportunity to participate in the United Nations Global Compact

Moreover, World Distinguished Professor, Sir, Bashiru Aremu has been appointed to the following Organizations as listed below:

IN AFRICA: A World Distinguished Teaching and Research Professor and External Supervisor of Doctoral Class at Crown University College, Accra, Ghana West Africa before he became Vice Chancellor of Crown University College, Ghana, West Africa, as well at Following Institutions: Afriford University of Science, Management, Arts and Technology, (AUSMAT) Akpakpa-Habitat CDPA Carrefour, Cotonou Est Benin Republic

He has been appointed as a Professor of Computer Science and Information Technology at Novena University, Amai, Ogume Delta State, Nigeria, Niger Delta University, Kano University of Science and Technology Wudil, Kano State, Nigeria

where they utilized his profile to obtain full accreditation in the Department of Computer Science (click here to view) and others as well.

IN EUROPE: Research Professor at INTERNATIONAL BIOGRAPHICAL CENTRE,CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND, Faculty Professor Affiliate at Oxbridge University of Kilmurry and Cambridge Institute of Technology, United Kingdom, Fellow of European Association for International Education. Registrar General, International Academy for Science and Research, England and Wales. Deputy Director General of International Biographical Center Cambridge, England. Vice President of the Recognition Board of the World Congress of Arts, Sciences and Communications with its International head office located in Great Britain and many more.

IN ASIA:  Vice President International Affairs at Sastra Angkor Institute Kingdom of Cambodia, World Distinguished Teaching and Research Professor at National Institute for Education and Research, New Delhi, in India, with others as well,

IN AMERICA :Vice President International Affairs, West Coast University Panama, Belize, State of Delaware, United States of America and Bangladesh Campus, World Grand President, International Chartered World Learned Society located in America, Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania and world-wide. The World Grand Chancellor, Chartered World Order of the Knights of Justice of Peace, State of Delaware, USA and world-wide with others as well.

Professional Bodies/Organizations: He is an active member of many professional bodies which are world renowned. Viz:

He is a member of Chartered Information Technology Practitioner by Computer Professional Registration Council of Nigeria, He is a Fellow of British Computer Society, Chartered   Institute of I.T., England with Ref Number 990496979. Other bodies are Computer Professional Registration Council of Nigeria with Registration Number 004952/2016.  Fellow of Business Management Association in the UK, Life Fellow International Chartered World Learned Society World-Wide, Knowledge Community Member, World Universities Forum with Reference Number U14R0142. He is a member of board of directors of International Biographical Centre at King’s College of Cambridge, St Thomas Place, ELY CB7 4GG, Cambridge England in Great Britain and many more.

Prof Sir Bashiru Aremu can recommend you to different International Professional Organizations to add another feathers to your cap such as International Chartered World Learned Society  and other awards for more recognition. If you are interested, please send your CV to for perusal.

Please click the following link to view those who have been awarded through W.D. Prof Sir Bashiru Aremu at


The World Grand President of International Chartered World Learned Society

The World Grand President, Africa International Institute for Professional Training and Research Intl’ Chartered,

The World Grand Chancellor, the Chartered World Order of the Knights of Justice of Peace,

Vice President International Affairs, and Professor of Computer Science and Information Technology at West Coast University, Panama, Belize, State of Delaware, United States of America( ,Intl Chartered and Bangladesh Campus,


International Academy for Science and Research, England and Wales,

Vice President, Chartered Institute of Educational Management and Administration


The Vice President International Affairs and Member of World Council of The Chartered Institute for Management and Leadership and many more.


This his personal website:, and Phone Number +2348065907145


W.D Prof. Sir Bashiru Aremu is looking forward to hearing from anyone that is interested in Crown University College programmes and to becoming International Distinguished Fellow of Various International Organizations Worldwide and to work together for mutual benefits academically, financially and socially.

© Copyright 2017 Prof. Bashir Aremu. All Rights Reserved.

Office of Vice Chancellor (World Distinguished Professor) Prprofessor Bashiru Aremu


I would like to thank the Chancellor, Crown University and partner campuses world-wide, The Board of Trustees, the Governing Council, The International Advisory Board of Standards and the entire wakeful staff for the confidence and responsibility reposed in me to lead this University and its partner campuses world-wide.

I have taken up the mantle of leadership of the University, partner campuses & Crown Global Alliance Universities (CGAU) world-wide at a time of stiff competition in the higher education landscape and weak financial health of most private universities in Ghana including Crown University and partner campuses world-wide. My topmost vision is to rebrand, revitalize and reposition the Crown University and partner 

campuses world-wide to take its rightful place as the leading private university in Ghana and beyond.

It is my conviction that for the imperative convenience of its global clientele, Crown University and partner campuses world-wide must aspire to be global in its offerings, structuring of programmes, and manner of doing business. The overall goals of universities are to generate knowledge, disseminate information universally and provide community service through teaching, research and socio-cultural engagements with the community at large for public good. To achieve our universal mandate, Crown University and partner campuses world-wide Crown Global Alliance Universities (CGAU) like all other higher educational institutions must uphold its enabling instruments, including the laws establishing the institutions, statutes and other regulations and conventions that guide its operations.

I have a strong belief in research as a distinguishing feature in tertiary institutions because a university that does not promote research and publication will sooner or later price itself out of the international academic community. Under my leadership, we will live up to our responsibility of moulding and processing young minds for the future as well as generating knowledge which forms the basis of development.

We as academic leaders, therefore, shoulder immense burden and responsibility in shaping and driving the academic enterprise to promote intensity of thinking achieved through sustained research culture. We shall harness the collective talents and expertise of faculty, students and non-academic staff to generate and disseminate knowledge to students and society and supervise the development of appropriate curricula and their mode of delivery. Leadership is about inspiring and empowering people; dreaming and visioning, combined with a determination to achieve the dream or vision.

We must recognize that “academic leadership represents leadership in the complex academic institution where the main goal of the enterprise is not growth of market share, but intellectual excellence; not increased productivity in economic terms, but increased intensity of thinking for public good”. Academic leadership also involves managing the needs of the human element in the institution, and coordinating the activities of the various stakeholders to achieve harmony in the pursuit of the goals of the institution as well as dealing with the international dimension of the institution.

I am mindful of the fact that academic freedom makes management of universities rather difficult. Nonetheless as the Vice-Chancellor, I shall guarantee academic freedom, safe guide open dissent, and only sanction through due process executed through the approved committee system. I shall establish direction, align people with our vision; and motivate and inspire them to make a change happen despite the barriers. It must be emphasised that positive leadership occurs not by ‘leading’ others but rather by influencing them.

It is the responsibility of academic leadership, in varying degrees, right from the Vice-Chancellor to the head of department or unit to enhance the image of Crown and partner campuses Crown Global Alliance Universities (CGAU) and to sustain scholarship and academic excellence.

It is our collective responsibility to set the direction and to inspire confidence in the university community to achieve the mandate of the institution. Academic leaders must be men and women of courage. As the great Nelson Mandela explains: “I learned that courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave person is not the one who does not feel afraid, but the one who conquers fear”. It takes courage to appoint the right people into an institution or the management team.

It takes courage to deliberately encourage the development of next generation leaders. It takes courage to exercise power with the highest sense of integrity and professionalism and be above corruption. In alignment with this public discourse, it takes courage to exercise transformational leadership and institutionalize good governance. We must have courage to take bold and difficult decisions for the good of the institution. Our loyalty must be to Crown University and partner campuses world-wide only and not to personalities.

Crown University and partner campuses world-wide Crown Global Alliance Universities (CGAU) needs true academic leaders who are always prepared to learn even from the worst of adversities, accept criticisms, make amends and move on. Academic leaders must be learning continually and be of an objective bent of mind. Whilst remaining faithful to my personal conscience and principles, I would also be ready to succumb to superior argument if logic and evidence are compelling enough.

Furthermore, Crown University College and partner campuses world-wide needs academic leaders who are positive-thinkers, rather than dwell on their limitations; we must focus on possibilities and be great over comers.

We must be continuous learners and curious people in order to master the environment. Certainly intellectualism, intelligence and intellect are necessary to further practice and exercise of academic leadership. More importantly, we all need to uphold both cardinal virtues and theological virtues. Theological virtues are those virtues, which help us live and relate with God. These are faith, hope, and charity. They are gifts from God, which lead back to God. Cardinal virtues are major virtues, which we all need in our lives. These are prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance.


I shall build a strong and inclusive management team whose aspirations shall be anchored on the following among others:

  • Transformational leadership to bequeath a legacy of creative thinking and change while building and mentoring other leaders who will continue the work;
  • Good governance by providing a disciplined and responsible leadership that is transparent and accountable, and shall always be guided by the statutes and regulations of the University;
  • Upholding the highest sense of integrity, honesty and professionalism in the discharge of my duties
  • Continuous staff development through training and mentorship;
  • Provision of conducive teaching and learning environment including adequate ICT infrastructure
  • Excellent customer service especially to our main clients (i.e. students) to build a student-centered university;
  • Aggressive marketing and recruitment of students;
  • Teamwork and unity of purpose to confront the daunting but surmountable challenges facing CROWN
  • Fairness and firmness to all staff and promote reward system underpinned only by performance and merit;
  • Zero-tolerance for corruption in word and deed.
  • Sustained quality improvement in teaching, research and service. The Crown University College and partner campuses world-wide must continue to play a huge role in shaping the minds of the numerous students pursuing various programmes who are critical drivers of academic excellence and intellectual capital in Ghana and beyond.
  • Industry-connect to maximise our potential in knowledge transfer through collaboration initiatives with industry. Crown University and partner campuses world-wide will work passionately to ensure that our graduates are completely job-ready to serve industry and society’s urgent needs for quality manpower. This will lay the foundations for intellectual capital creation systems by ensuring the internalization of thinking processes and universal analytical skills development
  • Research development is of categorical imperative in order to produce a stream of faculty necessary to sustain the university enterprise of generating new knowledge and impact essential analytical and problem-solving skills in students. We must all appreciate that, although costly, scientific research is a valuable investment and most productive when many researchers and institutions work simultaneously on the same key problems. Crown and partner campuses world-wide will embrace scientific capacity building as integral part of its developmental philosophy and agenda. Science without research is dead
  • Creativity by instilling a mental framework, a mind-set that thinks in terms of deliverables, targets, benchmarks, who is responsible for what action within what time frame and, most importantly, with what resources and how are those resources to be generated.

Internationalization of Crown University and partner campuses world-wide   by establishing functional collaborations with world class tertiary institutions to improve academic excellence and technology development to enhance and promote joint research, student and staff exchange, mentoring, curriculum enrichment and access to advanced international pedagogie

The Challenge is Enormous. ‘But I am convinced that collective wisdom, unity and tenacity of purpose and a strong, focused, innovative and transformational leadership would bring about the desired change we need’ I welcome all and sundry to support, join and be part of the rebranding, revitalization and repositioning agenda of  Crown University College Ghana and partner campuses world-wide  . God bless us all!


Yours Sincerely,

World Distinguished Professor, Sir, Bashiru. AREMU

(Post Doctoral E-Business, Grand PhD, Post Doc., D.Sc., Ph.D., B.Sc., B. Tech., IBD, FATIICS, MACM, MCSTA, MSTAN, Snr. MIACSIT, FIASR, C.itp ,MCPN ,KOJ, KOGC,KOGHL FICWLS, FCIEMA, CEMA, FBCS England, Fellow, Marquis Who’s Who in the World, LFICWLS, FCIML, Fellow, Outstanding Intellectual of 21st Century, Cambridge, England ,Fellow, Europe Association for International Education (WORLD DISTINGUISHED TEACHING AND RESEARCH PROFESSOR OF COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND SUPERVISOR OF DOCTORAL CLASS) Personal Website :

The Vice Chancellor, Crown University College, Ghana and Partner Campuses World-Wide Crown Global Alliance Universities (CGAU)

About Crown University

Crown University is a co-educational institution with a prove-it-to-me educational policy that is centered on rendering a life-long service to mankind in order to achieve a grand developmental agenda. Our programmes are developed based on the Competency Based modular system and Industry Certified & Validated Professional (ICVP) training standards. In today’s competitive job market, it is not good enough to just have a recognised degree…you need to “walk and talk the language of the industry”. ICVP equips you to do that and transform you to become a valuable asset to your employer.

While most universities around the world prepare one to become a well-rounded academic graduate, Crown University has gone one step beyond….all its graduates are groomed to become Industry Certified & Validated Professionals (ICVP). Crown University has developed ICVP in many industries that help to equip its graduates with industry-specific knowledge and skills.

As an ICVP graduate, you would not only earn a degree but gain extensive practical knowledge of a specific industry.  Read More…

Foundation Programmes, Combined Honours, Majors, Minors, Specialities, Professional Courses

Crown International Business School
  1. Bsc. (Hons.) in Business Management & Administration

(a)  Accounting, Pure & Applied Maths with Finance

(b)  Economics, Banking & Finance with Actuarial Science

(c)  Management, Marketing & Communication with Computing

(d)  HR, Agribusiness & Statistics with International Business


  1. MBA-Master of Business Administration

(a)  Finance & Accounting/Management

(b)   Journalism & Marketing

(c)  Human Resources Management & Development

(d)  Banking, Insurance & Risk Management

(e) Project Management & IT

(f)  Community Development & Rural Management

(g)  Health Administration & Hospital Management

(h)  Agric  Technology & Agro-Processing


3. Chartered Professional Courses

(a).  Chartered Wealth Manager-CWM

(b).  Chartered Economist-Ch.E

(c).  Accredited Management Accountant-AMA

(d).  Accredited Financial Analyst-AFA

(e)   Chartered Certified Consultant-Ch.CC

(f)   Chartered Fraud Examiner-CFE

Read more

The minimum qualification to gain entry into any degree programme includes

Six (6) WASSE/SSSCE credit passes ( A1-C6/A-D) in any three subjects including English language, mathematics and integrated science or social studies plus three credit passes ( A1-C6/A-D) in elective subjects. AGGREGADE SCORE SHOULD NOT EXCEED 24 in the case of SSSCE and 36 for WASSCE.

GCE O LEVEL including English language and mathematics.

Post Secondary Teachers Certificate ‘A’ from Ghana Education Service plus (5) five O LEVEL credit passes including English and maths.

ABCE & GBCE: ABCE candidates with three or more passes, who also possesses at least 5 five credit passes in SSSCE/WASSCE/GBCE including passes in English and maths may be admitted to level 200. Those with 2 passes or less may be admitted to level 100. GBCE candidates with passes in 5 subjects including business maths may qualify for level 100.

Foreign students with qualifications to WASSCE or GCE O/A LEVELS may apply.

Diploma in Business Studies applicants with a minimum of five (5) passes of the DBS in accounting and business management awarded by the Technical Examination Unit of Ghana Examination Service is required. Read More…

Crown Global Alliance Universities/Affiliations 
CROWN is created with international audience in mind; its programmes are industry oriented, that is, light in theory but heavy in results yet anchored in research and community-based multi-disciplinary approach (combined honours/majors/subjects with minors) so as to export education overseas.

  1. Westford School of Management
    2. In alliance with the GAFM Distribution chain- USA -India – China – Africa – Arabia – Latin Americas – UK – EU- Middle East- Asia- Brazil- Spain
    3. West Coast University (International Chartered) Continental Representative
    4. Africa International Institute of Professional Training and Research (International Chartered for Dual Degree system)

Scholarship Gateway with top UK Universities & Qualifications Awarding Bodies

Crown (Opens Schorlaship Gateway) – granted Strategic Partnership/Afiliation with WESTFORD (MoU) to provide UK accredited best universities and awarding bodies…, Choose courses that interests you… Convenience to learn from anywhere in the world… Option of some of the globally recognized qualifications ranging from undergraduate and post graduate degrees to various professional and corporate training programs that will enable our students to outshine and excel in their chosen arenas – EDEXEL APPROVED CENTRE

Apply for Scholarship, visit


At Crown University’s Regional Admission Centre you have the choices of choosing from wide range of courses that interest you from top UK Universities such as:
1. University of Wolverhampton
2. Cardiff Metropolitan University
3. University of Derby, UK
4. Bangor University, UK
5. University of Stellenbosh
1. Cambridge International Qualifications
2. EduQual
3. Pearson

1. International Association of Accountancy Professionals
2. The Association of Accountants & Financial Professionals in Business
1. Edexel Approved Centre
2. Willey
3. CCI
4. UCSI Blue Ocean Strategy Consulting

1. Digitally Equipped Learning Centre
2. Seminar Rooms
3. 24 X 7 Wifi Enabled
4. World Class Library-Professional & Academic Journals, Magazines, DVDs and Research Papers
5. Theater Style Seating Arrangements
6. Learning Management System-Online Study
7. Smart Classrooms
8. Refreshment and Leisure Corner
GRAB CROWN – WESTFORD ADVANTAGE (The only Partner of Cambridge Strategies in UAE, Accredited by ASIC

Crown announce MoU Affiliation Alliances with Africa International Institute for Professional Training and Research(AIIPTR), Internationally Chartered incorporated under the Laws of United States of America is afiliated with Crown University College to offer dual degree program from various Univeristies in the MOU of Crown Global Alliance Universities as follow:
Arizona State University, Public, USA
New York University, USA
Hertfordshire University, UK
Ryerson University, Canada

University of Tourism and Management, Macedonia
San Juan De La Cruz University, Costa Rica
American Learning Center, USA
Empresarial University de Coasta Rica, Costa Rica
EIILM university, India
Global Open University, Public, India
Jiwaji University, Public, India
Bundelkhand University, Public, India
Manavbharti university, India
Mahatma Gandhi University Kashi/Varanasi, India
King George Medical University, India
Pana Medical Colledge and Hospital, India
People’s College of Medical Sciences and Research, India
Management & Science University, Malaysia
Aldergate College, Philippine
Cambridge College of Management, UK
Oxford College of Management, UK
Magadh University, India
Africa International Institute for Professional Training and Research Intl’ Chartered,(Africa and World-wide)
West Coast University, Panama, Belize, State of Delaware, Intl Chartered and Bangladesh Campus and World wide
Chartered Institute of Educational Management and Administration,
International Academy for Science and Research, England and Wales,
The International Chartered World Learned Society (World-Wide)

Cooperating Universities

Accreditation, Affiliation, Recognition and Strategic Industry Partners

Crown University College is registered and Licensed with the Ministry of Education and accredited/recognized as a tertiary institution registered with the government of Ghana Accreditation Board (COTVET), Act of Parliament 718 of 2006, Legislative Instrument 2195 of 2012.

-Engineering Council

-Medical & Dental Council Ghana

-Pharmacy Council

-Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital

-Institution of Engineering & Technology Ghana (IET-GH)

-British Council

-GAFM/IBS, IPMC, ACCE, AAPM, IMCB-Global Academy Distribution Chain

-Ghana Association of Certified Consultants & Fraud Examiners (GACCFE)

-MoU with Westford School of Management: University of Wolverhampton, Cardiff Metropolitan University, University of Derby, Bangor University

-MoU with West Coast University: Arizona State University, Harvard University, New York University, Empresarial University de Costa Rica & 23 other Univ.

-International Chartered World Learned Society-ICWLS

-Centre for National Distance Learning & Open Schooling, Ministry of Education

-Council for Technical Vocational Education and Training, Ministry of Education

-Texila American University (TAU Medical Centre) with clinical rotations, internships in South America, USA, India, South Africa, Ghana

-King George Medical University

Scholarships, Fellowships, Awards, Undergraduate, Postgraduate Courses, Graduate Degrees, MPhil, PhD, Distance Learning, Study Abroad Programmes

Under the Crown Global Alliance Universities (CGAU)

Chartered Professional Courses (GAFM/IBS Board Certifications & Designations

  • ChE Chartered Economist ®
  • AFA Accredited Financial Analyst ®
  • AMA Accredited Management Accountant ®
  • AMC Accredited Management Consultant ®
  • MMC Master Management Consultant ®
  • CIPM Certified International Project Manager
  • MFP Master Financial Planner ®
  • CRA Certified Risk Analyst ®
  • CTEP Chartered Trust and Estate Planner ®
  • CWM Chartered Wealth Manager  ®
  • RBA Registered Business Analyst
  • MPM Master Project Manager ®
  • Chartered Certified Consultant-Ch.CC
  • Chartered Fraud Examiner-CFE

Other Specialist Designations

  • RFS Registered Financial Specialist ™
  • FAD Financial Analyst Designate ™
  • MSA Master Securities Analyst ™
  • CPM Chartered Portfolio Manager  ™
  • CAM Chartered Asset Manager  ™
  • CMA Chartered Market Analyst ™
  • CIPM Certified International Project Manager
  • CPE Certified Planning Engineer ™
  • CRA Certified Risk Analyst – Also known as:  ARA Accredited Risk Analyst
  • CCC Chartered Cost Controller ™ (Accounting Credential) Complete a concentration in accounting.
  • CHRA Certified Human Resources Analyst or CHR Certified in Human Resources  ™
  • CFC Certified in Financial Crimes ™  (Economic Crime and Fraud Prevention)
  • MPA Master Professional Auditor  ™
  • CSA Certified Strategic Auditor  ™
  • CIFRS Certified in International Financial Reporting Standards
  • CTA Certified Treasury Analyst ™
  • CAMC Certified Anti Money Laundering Consultant ™
  • CITA Certified International Tax Analyst ™
  • MTP Master Treasury Professional ™
  • MFMS Master Financial Modeling Specialist  ™
  • CCP ™ Certified Compliance Professional ™ from GAFM ®
  • CEC ™ Certified eCommerce Consultant  ™ (USA)
  • CSM Chartered Security Manager ™
  • CTS™ Certified Transfer Pricing Specialist™
  • MPM™ Master Project Manager – Legal Analyst
  • CEC Certified E-Commerce Consultant ™
  • CCA Certified Credit Analyst ™
  • CCE Certified Corporate Economist ™
  • CCO Certified Compliance Officer ™
  • CMA Certified Marketing Analyst ™
  • ChMA Chartered Mortgage Analyst ™
  • CITA Certified International Tax Analyst ™
  • MFC Master Financial Controller ™
  • RFA Registered Financial Analyst ™
  • RWM Registered Wealth Manager ™
  • CPM Chartered Pension Manager ™ or CPS Certified Pension Specialist ™
  • CPAM ™ Chartered Pension Analyst Manager ™
  • CEPS Certified Education Planning Specialist
  • CMFMP Certified Municipal Finance Management Practitioner ™
  • CCMFMA Chartered Certified Municipal Financial Management Accountant ™
  • CCFMA Chartered Certified Public Finance Management Accountant ™
  • CCIP Chartered Certified Insurance Professional ™
  • CCIB Chartered Certified International Banker
  • AIM Accredited Investment Manager ™
  • CSS Certified Sukuk Specialist ™
  • ABBM Accredited Bank Branch Manager ™
  • ASAR- Anti-money Laundering ™
  • MIFA Master International Financial Analyst
  • ChPA Chartered Political Analyst
  • NB: There are also Government Certified short Courses:

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