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Obtain your Nursing, Medical, Dental, Pharmacist, Physician, Health Assistant, Allied Health License in Ghana at Crown University by sitting for Prometric Exams.

We provide Course Prep + Qbank, Qbank only, Licensing Diagnostic Review, Licensing Orientation, Licensing Eligibility Letter, registration and examinations for: NCLEX – RN, HAAD, DHA, MoH, USMLE, SMLE, AMC, MCCEE, PMDC exams

Countries: UK, USA, UAE, CANADA, SAUDI, AUSTRALIA, Ghana etc


Achieve your American dream as a registered nurse in Ghana with CROWN NCLEX-RN exam review programme and secure your USA permanent residency, sponsorship, competitive salary and bonus packages, and more!

Start your journey with CROWN NCLEX-RN/LPN/LVN License review right here in Ghana!

We’re registering nurses around the globe who would like to obtain their NCLEX License that would guarantee them full practice in the USA! We are dedicated to helping you pass your license exams through our Course Prep guidance, Orientation, Diagnostic Review Process, Registration up to Examination. As a healthcare professional obtaining your license right here in Ghana whilst keeping your job and move to the United States is our topmost priority. That’s just what we do. We’re committed to changing lives at Crown University.

Who are we – Why CROWN

When you join the Crown University program, you get access to all the Crown advantages!

Nursing Education

A comprehensive programme that includes NCLEX-R ®Course  preparation.

Immigration & Licensure

Crown is here to guide you through the U.S. licensure and visa processes.

Transitions Programme

Clinical and cultural transitions into your new life and career in the U.S.A.

Career Opportunities

Crown has a diverse client base with many job opportunities throughout the U.S.


Access to a wide range of benefits including green card sponsorship and health insurance.

Ongoing Support

Personalized clinical and HR support throughout the length of your assignment.

How to Qualify

Review our requirements to see if you qualify for the Crown programme

The Process

Crown’s step-by-step process to achieving your American Dream as a registered nurse.

Referral Bonuses Program

Have a friend who is a registered nurse, physical therapist or occupational therapist? Refer them to Crown and get paid!

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NCLEX – RN, Syllabus and Pattern of exams

The NCLEX exam requires that you answer at-least 75 questions. Based on how you’re performing in the exam you will be given more questions to answer. NCLEX is a Computer Adaptive Exam. The adaptive nature of the test means that the level of difficulty of questions increases if your answers are correct and decreases if your answers are incorrect. The range of questions is 75 – 265.

Out of minimum 75 questions, 60 are counted towards score and 15 are experimental. One cannot identify which are experimental hence all the questions are to be answered as if they are part of score. The maximum time for the test is six hours. There is a ten minute break two and half hours and another one after fourth hour.

Topics or syllables covered

Safe, Effective Care Environment

Psychosocial Integrity

Management of Care
Safely and Infection Control

Coping and Adaptation
Psychosocial Adaptation

Health Promotion and Maintenance

Physiological Integrity

Growth and Development through the Life Span
Prevention and Early Detection of Disease

Basic Care and Comfort
Pharmacological and Parenteral therapies
Reduction of Risk Potential
Physiological Adaptation

Note: Almost all the questions of the exam are multiple choice questions. There are few other formats of questions like filling in the blanks, putting a number of steps in the correct sequence, identifying a correct area on a picture etc.

Mode of Exam
The mode of exam is online and PROMETRIC in Ghana at Crown

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National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN)

Registration Process

1. First Step:
Initial Application $150
Timeline: 3- 5 working days

2. Second Step:
Dataflow Verification $450
Timeline: 30- 45 working days

3. Third step:
Prometric Exams Booking $290
Timeline: 1 working day

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